Bottled Up

by | Apr 2021

Garden, terrarium

Photo: Kelli Kaufer

Create a teachable terrarium with the kids.

Terrariums are a great way for kids to learn about how plants grow, life cycles, water cycles, evaporation, precipitation and Mother Nature. Building your own terrarium doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive. In fact, it can be quite budget friendly and fun. Here’s how to make your own mini terrarium and get started on this fun and educational project!

Items needed:
»» Container
»» Pebbles for drainage
»» Compost and dirt for roots and plants to grow
»» Plants with smaller roots and that tend to do well in humid environments
»» Long spoons, chop sticks or a wooden dowel
»» Sheet of paper to create a funnel

»» Clean and dry your container. Add a layer of pebbles using the sheet of paper as a funnel.
»» Lightly shake container to distribute evenly.
»» Add compost using funnel.
»» Use long sticks/ or spoon to even out dirt, dig holes and place plant roots. Move dirt over roots.
»» Water once or twice every other month and your terrarium can last for years.


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