Beauty Blooms with Wearable Flowers

by | Feb 2023

Bride with flowers in her hair.

Photo: Pexels/jonathan borba

Personal flowers, also known as “flowers to wear,” have had importance and place throughout history. Early in history, personal flowers served a practical function.

Evidence of personal floral adornment was found in the ancient artifacts of Egyptian civilization, often using personal flowers as offerings in religious ceremonies and festivals. Ancient Greeks had a love affair with flowers and famously adorned themselves with wreaths and floral crowns.

The Renaissance period of the 15th and 16th centuries gave way to more widespread use of personal flowers and were viewed as contemporary art. Many believed that the flowers could ward off evil spirits and illness.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, people wore personal flowers not just as adornment but as a way of disguising offensive body odor. The 18th and 19th century Romantics had passion for naturalism that encouraged the common folks to dress a button hole with a simple bloom.

Boutonnieres, flowers worn by men, and corsages, flowers worn by women, symbolized gentrification, awareness and societal achievement for the lower and middle class.

While trends in personal flowers have evolved through the years, they remain an important part of artistic expression and ceremony. While many of the traditional personal flowers are still very fashionable, current trends represent powerful individual style and personal expression.

Many brides are exchanging their veils and jeweled headpieces for regal floral crowns and halos. These designs are as unique as the wearer. A full body floral crown can make a bold high fashion statement, reflecting the self-confidence of the bride. A simple demure halo can reflect the shy innocence of the wearer, while a couture asymmetrical design creates an image of a playful and coy personality. Whether corsage or boutonniere, wreath or crown, styles are varied and endless; elegant to Bohemian, formal to wildflowers, oversized to delicate.

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