4 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Hairstylist

by | Oct 2019

A woman talks to her hairstylist while getting a haircut.


Tips to bypass horrendous haircuts and unpleasant salon experiences.

Next time you see someone with hair you love, ask about their stylist. Plain and simple. They’ll take it as a compliment and they’ll love talking up their hairstylist.

Once you find a potential hairstylist, schedule a consultation first or schedule a shampoo/style before even getting a haircut. This way you can see if you and the stylist “jive” together and communicate well with each other.

Pictures are great to help show your stylist what you want. But know that the head shape and hair in the picture may be different than yours; so make sure your hairstylist clarifies with you how your style may look different.

Communication is key. Is your idea of “piecey,” “chunky” or “textured” the same as your hairstylist’s? If you get home and wear your new “do” for a couple of days and something needs a little tweaking, can you call your stylist and pop in for some fine tuning? You should be able to. The more your stylist gets to know you and your hair, the better it will get. So don’t bounce around. Building an awesome relationship with your stylist is key.

Contributed by Tasia AshtonTwo Redheads and a Wolf | TRW


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