Packing Tips & Tricks

by | Oct 2022

Two pairs of shoes, a blue suitcase and white chair.

Photo: Alexandra Eve

Vacations are full of fun activities, sightseeing and experiences, but packing for a vacation can feel overwhelming. Here are a few of my go-to packing tips and tricks for any destination:

  • Make a packing list, so you are sure to remember all of the basics.
  • Pre-pack a few days before your trip.
  • You can edit this down as it gets closer.
  • Plan out all of your outfits ahead of time, so you know exactly what you need.
  • Plan versatile and interchangeable looks. One piece can be worn in different ways.
  • Leave enough room for purchases you might make on your trip.

Alexandra Eve is a local stylist and wardrobe consultant. To learn more or for packing and styling help for your next trip, visit


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