Learn Some Secrets of the Flower

by | Jun 2023

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Summer conjures images of bold and bright flowers reaching out to the sun. The best part of summer, of course, is the flowers, but did you know that both scientific research and traditional medicine indicate that flowers affect your emotional well-being and quality of life?

Traditional Chinese medicine has recognized the healing properties of flowers and their uses to lift moods and treat cognitive issues and physical ailments. According to tradition, the secret of the flower lies within its color. Each color creates a different frequency of light waves which travel through the retina down the optic nerve, setting off a chain reaction within the body. In this mode of thought, the color red is said to stimulate the adrenal glands and boost energy. Yellow light waves stimulate the brain, making one alert and decisive. Orange strengthens the immune system, digestive system and the lungs. Violet cools, alleviates heat rash and sunburn, suppresses hunger, balances metabolism and releases endorphins.

Next time you or a friend are feeling blue, stop and pick up a bloom or two.

Shelli Erck is the owner of Hudson Flower Shop and an instructor at the Institute of Floristry. Find more at hudsonflowershop.com.


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