It’s Patio Season, So Sip on These Local Summer Beers

by | Jun 2019

A person holds a can of Lift Bridge Mango Blonde while a dog sitting on a dock watches.

Photo: Lift Bridge Brewing Company

Local breweries offer up their best beers for summer nights.

As the days get warmer and longer, there are few better ways to spend the sun-soaked evenings than sitting on the patio. Those wooden, brick or stone monuments to leisure provide the perfect backdrop for spring and summer nights.

And what is a night on the patio without a few beers? As winter fades away, we put away our stouts and porters for the year and reach into the cooler for something much lighter. Local breweries are happy to satisfy our hoppy hankerings, offering a slate of spring and summer sippers perfect for the patio. Here are a few palatable patio potables.

Lift Bridge Brewing Co.—Mango Blonde

Lift Bridge’s brand-new canned hard seltzers are a lighter summer option, but if you’re a beer drinker at heart, co-owner Brad Glynn offers up the Mango Blonde (pictured above).

“Mango Blonde has certainly become a patio pounder for all of the area bars,” he says. “It has a delicate sweetness from natural mango, finishes clean, and [is] definitely made for watching the Croix go by with good people in a beautiful city.”

1900 Tower Dr W, Stillwater
Facebook: Lift Bridge Brewing Company
Twitter: @LiftBridge
Instagram: @liftbridge

3rd Act Brewery—A Kolsch Day in Helles

3rd Act has several spring and summer sippers on tap, but it’s hard to go wrong with a “bright, light and easy beer with a hint of cherry,” as they describe their German ale, A Kolsch Day in Helles.

At 5.4 percent ABV, this one is perfect for those warm summer nights when you want to sit on the patio and watch the day fade into night.

Speaking of patios, 3rd Act has one opening soon, and they’ll be releasing a special Southwest Lager to celebrate. Stay tuned for more details.

4120 Radio Drive, Woodbury
Facebook: 3rd Act Craft Brewery
Twitter: @3rdActBrew
Instagram: @3rdactcraftbrewery

Maple Island Brewing—I Scream

Bucking the trend of light, fruity summer beers, Stillwater’s Maple Island Brewing recommends their confectionary concoction, I Scream.

“We take gallons and gallons of local ice cream from Nelson’s and pour it into this awesome brew,” the brewery says. “Chocolate, peanut butter and caramel ice cream are prominent flavors in this batch followed up with caramel, carabrown and chocolate malts!”

225 Main Street North, Stillwater
Facebook: Maple Island Brewing
Twitter: @mapleislandbrew
Instagram: @mapleislandbrew

Big Wood Brewery—Cabin Daze

Your home patio is perfectly suitable for summer sipping, but for a true Minnesotan summer experience, you can’t beat the deck at the cabin. Big Wood Brewery has the perfect beer for cabin living, with an oh-so-appropriate moniker: Cabin Daze.

“Cabin Daze is juicy and hazy, double dry-hopped like crazy. Cool, smooth, and refreshing,” the brewery says.

2222 4th Street, White Bear Lake
Facebook: Big Wood Brewery
Twitter: @BigWoodBrewery
Instagram: @bigwoodbrewery


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