How to Incorporate Midcentury Modern Style Into Your Interior Design

by | Aug 2020

A living room featuring midcentury modern design.

Photo: Shelly’s Interior Concepts

Midcentury modern seems to be a style that’s never fallen out of style.

Midcentury modern seems to be a style that’s never fallen out of style. Made ubiquitous by the affordability of retailers like IKEA and experiencing yet another surge on the heels of popular TV shows like Mad Men, midcentury modern’s influence can be found everywhere from foyers to entryways around the world.

Known for its clean-lined simplicity and stylized utility, furniture from the 1950s and neighboring decades have garnered a timeless appreciation.

Marianne Buckman, founder of Cocobello Interiors, can attest to the style’s persistent popularity. “A lot of my clients like the furniture from that era,” Buckman says. “But I’m combining it with more contemporary furnishings.”

No one’s asking for the full midcentury modern treatment anymore. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to come across a devotion to any singular style nowadays. But, as Buckman knows, this is where the alchemy of design can truly begin. “What I see and what I love in designing is when people mix,” she says.

In the case of midcentury modern, its versatility is a huge asset. “It’s got a lot of square designs, very clean lines, but what’s nice about that is that it does blend, very well, with other designs,” says Buckman. “What I’m doing for a client right now is bringing in midcentury modern dining room chairs but mixing them with a live edge wooden table.”

It’s an unexpected duo but the juxtaposition between biophilia and modernism is what makes the combination so striking. For Buckman, these natural elements strike an elegant counterbalance. “It blends very well with midcentury modern because you’re bringing in a lot of texture from rattan and wicker and seagrass. It’s a beautiful mix.”

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