Fun in the Frozen North

by | Dec 2023

People posing at the Ice Palace Maze at Stillwater Zephyr Theatre.

Photo: Jon Quijano

Award-winning photo captures family at the Ice Palace Maze.

For Stillwater resident Jon Quijano, there’s beauty to be found in the everyday. The portrait, wedding and event photographer says, “My greatest passion is capturing the experiences of family life, the spectacular and the mundane. It’s my great project.” In February 2022, Quijano visited downtown Stillwater on a sunny, 20-degree day. “As my family and I wandered the Ice Palace Maze at Zephyr Theatre, I marveled at how perfectly translucent the ice brick walls of the maze were,” Quijano says. “I eagerly posed my wife, mom and sons for a portrait, putting an ice brick wall between us. I had to laugh—they looked like the happiest people ever to be frozen solid. A fitting picture of fun in the frozen North!”

Photographer: Jon Quijano
Title: Appreciation
Equipment: iPhone SE
Location: Ice Palace Maze at Stillwater Zephyr Theatre
Category: People and Families
Award: First Place


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