Flowers for Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 2024

Very nice young woman in red sweater holding blossoming flower bouquet of  fresh roses, carnations, eucalyptus in vivid red passionate colors on the grey wall background


The season of love is here again. As Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s lean into the heart behind this romantic holiday.

As the legend goes, St. Valentine was a priest during the reign of Roman emperor Claudius II. Claudius wanted to expand his empire, but no one wanted to leave loved ones to go fight. So, in order to build an army, Claudius banned love and marriage. St. Valentine reportedly refused to stop conducting marriage ceremonies and was martyred on February 14, 269. The accounts of St. Valentine as a romantic and heroic figure spread throughout the world, and he is celebrated on Valentine’s Day.

Typically, flowers are shared on this day, and most think of the symbol for love to be the red rose (though all flowers can be enjoyed). Do not forget the more recent cousin to Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, where you celebrate your favorite girlfriends and family members. Celebrate all those you love with a gesture from your heart. It’s sure to be remembered and reciprocated.

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