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April/May 2021 St. Croix Valley Magazine

I’m anticipating some new landscaping this year. Plants, like people, can thrive or languish depending on their environment and proper tending. And things change. Even with adequate sunlight, water and nutrition, plants have a lifecycle and occasionally require replacement, or at the very least, some rethinking. Does my landscape require too much weeding? Are my shrubs not blossoming because they’re in the wrong place or because they’re overgrown? These are the kinds of questions a professional can help homeowners address.

But even amateur gardeners can have great success when they plant themselves in an encouraging and educational setting. In this issue, we spotlight local organizations that are exactly the type of welcoming and encouraging environments for plant and landscape lovers. Discover some of what goes on behind the scenes for members of the Hudson Home and Garden Club as well as educational and volunteer opportunities with the St. Croix Valley Master Gardeners Association. Maybe you’ll be inspired to participate, or at the very least, learn a bit more about how best to care for your own landscape. Maybe you’ll even dig in to help ongoing community gardening projects.

Spring and summer can seem short in the St. Croix Valley. So, start planning now for how you’ll enjoy all that nature has to offer either in your own backyard or in our community.

-Angela Johnson

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