4 Tips for Decorating Your Home for Fall

by | Oct 2020

Fall décor on a counter.

Photo: Kelli Kaufer

Simple tips for incorporating fall décor.

When the leaves start turning those beautiful rich golden, amber hues, it’s time to start transitioning your home’s interior décor for fall. With some simple changes in decorative accents and the addition of warm colors, you can easily bring the beauty and magic of autumn into your home. A few subtle additions in each room can have a strong visual impact. Here are a few fall decorating ideas to get you excited for the harvest season.

  • The use of fruit, like pears, is an imaginative, organic approach to fall decorating. Display on an empty shelf space or fill a ceramic bowl.
  • Incorporate outdoor fall foliage in different areas of your home. This is a perfect way to bring in warm autumnal colors and can make quite a statement.
  • For a more subtle fall look, add a few feathers mixed in with a vintage piece or two for an artful touch.
  • Look for items that nature provides. A combination of colors with a natural look can bring an autumn touch to any room.

Kelli Kaufer is an interior designer and owner of Kelli Kaufer Designs.


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