Unwind with Yoga

This month’s pick is all about treating yourself and finding inner harmony.
Suzy Schaak, owner of PureYoga in Stillwater.

PureYoga in Stillwater has been open for seven years, thanks to St. Paul transplant Suzy Schaak, who saw a need, filled it and, with support of the community, now owns a thriving wellness center. “We work very hard at making sure everyone feels welcome. Our studio is super community-based,” says Schaak, who started PureYoga with humble beginnings in a graciously loaned barn; the business has exploded, and now has thousands of students and more than 20 instructors.

PureYoga is geared to nurture all ages, offering all levels of classes from kids to prenatal to restorative to meditation and power classes. “Whenever people walk in the door, they talk about how calm they feel,” Schaak says. Aiming for more than a mere yoga studio, Schaak’s team offers energy healing as well as massage therapy.

Mother’s Day will be a special one at the studio, with a prenatal yoga class as well as free classes for moms on the day of. Schaak encourages older kids to join, because it’s a fun way to celebrate together. PureYoga also has a beginning packet for students who want to try, with free classes that don’t expire for two months to help figure out which classes or instructors work best for each person.

There are a lot of new and upcoming things in the works for both Schaak and the studio. The annual outdoor yoga class, which donates to local charities, is coming up as the weather turns, and podcasts are available for members.