Tips for College

Sylvan Learning Center offers a number of ways for students to succeed in school. This means anything from help through homework support to transcripts to ACTs to accelerated reading courses.

“My favorite thing is working with the students,” ACT and college prep coordinator Lessa Scherrer says. “They’re excited that we can make a difference for them; oftentimes they’re feeling low or that they can’t make it, and we turn that around.”

For consultations, students can sit down and explore their options, including new ideas that they hadn’t explored. Scherrer refers to it as a college strategy session. “Sometimes it’s just giving a plan, seeing what’s available to them, things like exploring extracurriculars or getting an idea of what appeals to them so they can pick the best major for themselves,” she says. Students can see an increase in ACT test scores by three to five points. “A lot of time they feel like the ACT is the most important or it’s the gatekeeper [to college]. It’s just a piece of the pie.”