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While the St. Croix Valley is sprawling, it contains a through line that represents the hallmark of every healthy community: supporting its own. For this Best of St.

My go-to, favorite layering piece is a denim jacket. A denim jacket is a classic piece that fits all styles, budgets and seasons.

Melissa Parkos and Emily Iannazzo

From the supermarket shelves to the coffee bars around town, fresh-pressed juices seem to be popping up left and right.

Aleisha Nelson

Trading in cold Minnesota winters for sunny California is a dream of many Midwesterners. Aleisha Nelson made that dream come true nine years ago when she moved from Shoreview to Santa Clara, California, to pursue a degree in computer science.

Twin Cities Orthopedics held a public grand opening event of its new Stillwater clinic and sports performance facility on October 9, 2021.

Laura Paulisich

Offering a variety of all-natural household products, services and coaching, Stillwater-based ToxyFree is a one-stop-shop to igniting a life of health and happiness, while living toxin-free and more naturally.

Wedding at the Stillwater Event Center

Creating lasting memories for over 30 years, the Stillwater Event Center, formerly KC Hall, has undergone renovations to create a more accommodating atmosphere for every occasion.

Chris Pomeleo

Chris Pomeleo created something truly special with Prohibition Barbers in Stillwater, Minn. where he is owner and master barber.

21 Roots goat

Local nonprofit 21 Roots Farm brings meaningful activities to people impacted by developmental disabilities throughout the St. Croix Valley community. With programming for both youths and adults, activities on the farm are as fresh as each new season since the farm’s start in 2019.

outfit collage

“Most people in the United States only wear about 20 percent of their wardrobes. That means that 80 percent of their clothes are languishing in their closet being unworn,” Nancy Dilts says.