Take a Ride

This historic bike race celebrates its third year in the St. Croix Valley.

The name “Ironman” brings some very specific images to mind: athletes running swiftly from water to bicycle in a series of herculean feats of athleticism. Here in the St. Croix Valley, we’re a bit more relaxed. For us, the Ironman Bicycle Race isn’t a triathlon—in fact, it’s not really a race at all; it’s an opportunity for cyclists of all ages and abilities to take a recreational bike ride in a beautiful setting. But go ahead and call yourself an ironman if you choose to participate. (Fun fact: The event predates the Ironman Triathlon and has a licensing agreement with the organizers of that race to use the word “Ironman” to promote the local ride.) With a long history in Minnesota, it’s not surprising that this bike ride predates the triathlon. Originating in 1967, the event has been held in various locations—from Minneapolis to Buffalo, and now in the scenic St. Croix Valley—and has included more than 100,000 cyclists through the years. So strap on your helmets and get ready for a day of fun.