Gardening Goats

Totes My Goats

Goats. You’ve seen them at the zoo; you’ve seen them in the mountains out West; and you might even eat goat cheese derived from goat’s milk. They’re an animal everyone is familiar with, but there’s one task some goats do that people aren’t as familiar with: landscaping.

Now, the goats aren’t going to build patios or spread mulch around flowers in your backyard—their job is to remove unwanted vegetation, and they’re pretty good at it. Read more about Gardening Goats

Green Acres

cabin-friendly plants

Cabin owners know the drill. Head up (or over) to the lake in springtime for opening, plant the garden beds and flower boxes, return home and hope for the best. Either at the next visit or any other time during the summer, arrive to find death-by-thirst plants or a florae crime scene, thanks to local rabbits and/or deer populations Read more about Green Acres

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