A Library Recommended Vacation Read

The Story of Arthur Truluv, by Elizabeth Berg, is filled with heart and compassion, a perfect escape from the news and politics of contentious contemporary life. It starts with the elderly Arthur who picnics at his recently departed wife’s grave (and those of others), having meaningful conversations. He is overheard one day by Maddy, a truant, detached teen whose mother died when she was born and who is living with a depressed, long-suffering father.


World of Books

Thirty years ago, Marine on St. Croix resident Tom Warth traveled to a library in Uganda and found it lacked something important: books. He came home with a mission: to get books into libraries across Africa, and Books for Africa was born.


Writing in the Valley: Meet Local Author Tim Bouvine

Tim Bouvine always has been a Midwestern guy. He’s spent his life in the area, with the exception of a few years in Texas. Bouvine is also a family man, with two adult kids and now two step kids (after marrying his wife Trish last summer).


Your Summer Reading

Kathleen Eddy uses Valley Bookseller as a platform. The Stillwater bookstore famously makes savvy, up-to-date recommendations to its customers. Every month, it hosts book clubs for readers of crime, mystery and the classics—often featuring area authors—and connects with local libraries and schools in a commitment to community outreach that has spanned 27 years. Tourists from abroad make it a destination.


From Picked On to Published

When he got to the military, Stillwater native Adam Dince was a self-described hot mess. “Those movies where the overweight guy gets to boot camp, and they pick on him? That was me,” he says. He got his high school diploma because the military wasn’t accepting GEDs. But since then, Dince has earned a master’s in integrated marketing communication, and his first book came out last November.

Hopeful to Hired gives high school students the advice Dince wishes he had received before graduating: about soft skills, about networking, about building a “Google resume.”


Books: A Lunar Winter

In Winter, the final book in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, we are introduced to Princess Winter, beautiful in spite of facial scars, kind to everyone she encounters and in love with her lowly guard. In the series, Meyer shows heroines taking control of their destinies, set against a fully developed imaginative world.

—Kathleen Eddy, Valley Bookseller


Bridging Generations

After celebrating the photography of David Parker in our December issue, word came to us that another local artist is utilizing his charming portrait of the iconic Stonebridge school in a book, The Magic that was Stonebridge, by longtime local elementary teacher and retired administrator, Bernie Anderson.


Books: Into the Woods

For the past 16 years, book lovers from across the Midwest have made their way to Gunflint Lodge in Grand Marais for a long weekend of reading, discussion and scenery. The annual Books in the Woods event, co-sponsored by Stillwater’s Valley Bookseller, includes facilitated discussions, guided nature activities and author talks. This year’s featured authors are Nicole Helget and Allen Eskens, who will give presentations followed by book signings.



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