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The Genome Defense

In 2013, the U.S. Patent Office sent a memo to its patent examiners instructing them to cease and desist examining all patent claims related to naturally occurring human DNA sequences. This was huge and historical news—our genes were free! But what led to that point? How is it that I, and likely many others, didn’t know or didn’t reflect on the fact that prior to that ruling, 4,300 of our approximately 25,000 genes were covered by patents? And that those patents were thwarting important research and increasing human suffering? Read more about The Genome Defense

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these precious days

You can never go wrong with beloved and bestselling author Ann Patchett. In this collection of essays, which will be published in November to great anticipation, Patchett writes deliberately and thoughtfully about home and life and writing. As a bookseller and lover of literature, I especially connected with the essays about her steadfast, lifelong love of books and writing. Reading this collection is just like sitting down to coffee and conversation with a dear friend and coming away with a deeper understanding
of her. It’s lovely!
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The Perilous St. Croix River Valley Frontier by Ken Martens

This is the first book I recommend when customers ask for a historical account of Stillwater, and I’ve had many of them come back to buy more copies for family and friends. It offers a fascinating historical perspective told through over 50 different stories that take a look at The Valley’s early territorial days, which were filled with promise and tenacity but also hardship and misfortune. You’ll get a glimpse of the dangerous logging industry upon which the town of Stillwater is built and will learn why the St. Croix was nicknamed the “River of Graves.” Read more about Rach the Bookseller recommends …

Rach the Bookseller Recommends …

Book recommendation, Plant book

This is the perfect book for environmentally conscious gardeners of all skill levels. It is by far the best regional gardening guide I’ve read. It highlights the best plant choices for the Midwest and details how to successfully grow them. It also includes a beautiful color photograph for every plant. Stop spending money on plants that won’t grow here, reduce your maintenance time and attract our pollinating friends! Simply excellent.
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Rach the Bookseller recommends …

Booked: A Traveler’s Guide to Literary Locations Around the World by Richard Kreitner

Organized into regions, from the Monroeville, Ala. courthouse in To Kill a Mockingbird to the Kyoto Bridge in Memoirs of a Geisha, author Richard Kreitner explores 80 of the most iconic literary locations from all over the world that you can actually visit.

This is a dream book for literature lovers and travelers. It’s equal parts travel guide and a really enjoyable read. This book will inspire and prepare you for future travels. Literary pilgrimage, anyone? Read more about Rach the Bookseller recommends …

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