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Meet the 2019 Best of St. Croix Valley

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At St. Croix Valley Magazine, we’re about celebrating our neighbors and communities with each and every issue and Instagram post. But each year, we set aside a whole month for celebrating the créme de la créme in our “Best of” issue.

Announcing the 2019 Best of St. Croix Valley Survey

Voting for the 2019 Best of St. Croix Valley survey is now closed. The results of our annual readers’ choice survey will be printed in June, in our special Best of edition of St. Croix Valley Magazine, and we'll need your help to fill it with the best St. Croix Valley has to offer. (The results will also be posted here at on June 1).

Best of St. Croix Valley 2017

There’s something to be said about being named the crème de la crème, best of the best, top dogs among the St. Croix Valley, perhaps even Best in Show. An accolade by any name is an affirmation of hard work, commitment to quality, and often investments of time and money. There’s a real honor to being named Best in the robust and vibrant St. Croix Valley. Such is the case for the following 30-some most-admired restaurants, shops, services and people, as voted by you, our local consumers, judge and jury, as well as some spots around town our editorial staff thought warranted a second look.


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