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Best of St. Croix Valley 2017

There’s something to be said about being named the crème de la crème, best of the best, top dogs among the St. Croix Valley, perhaps even Best in Show. An accolade by any name is an affirmation of hard work, commitment to quality, and often investments of time and money. There’s a real honor to being named Best in the robust and vibrant St. Croix Valley. Such is the case for the following 30-some most-admired restaurants, shops, services and people, as voted by you, our local consumers, judge and jury, as well as some spots around town our editorial staff thought warranted a second look.

Best of the St. Croix Valley 2016

The St. Croix Valley always has been unique—not only because of the historic downtowns of Stillwater and Hudson, but because of the connection the two towns have, facing each other on opposite shores of the St. Croix River. Each town is unique, with its own shops and special features that make it attractive to tourists and residents alike, but connected by the river and the valley—and all the towns and villages in between. The edges of two states become one through the river; here are some unique aspects of each side that make this area so special.

2016 Best Of St. Croix Valley Finalists

Patio Dining    
Dock Café
Lake Elmo Inn
Pier 500

Tavern / Bar    
Barker's Bar & Grill
Dick's Bar
Lolo American Kitchen and Craft Beer

New Restaurant
Big Guy's BBQ    
Lolo American Kitchen and Craft Beer
Sweet Taste of Italy

Bread Art
Great Harvest
Key's Cafe

First Annual Best of St. Croix Valley: Thanks to Our Readers

Thank you to everyone who cast votes in the 2015 Best of St. Croix Valley survey. During the month of October, this community weighed in on their favorite shops, restaurants, hot spots and more. The results of the annual readers’ choice survey will appear in the March issue of St. Croix Valley Magazine. Our Tiger Oak sister publications have been running the popular “Best Of” program for many years and we hope that our readers will enjoy the annual review as much as our neighboring communities have in the past.

Announcing the 2016 Best of St. Croix Valley Survey

We are excited to announce that the 2016 Best of St. Croix Valley survey is here! Don't miss your chance to vote for your favorite shops, restaurants, people, hot spots and more. By popular demand, we'll also be printing the results of the annual readers' choice survey in a special edition of St. Croix Valley Magazine, and we'll need your help to fill it with the best our community has to offer.

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