Stillwater Preschools Continue on Their Path of Excellence

To many, it’s no surprise Stillwater is home to an incredible public school district. What is perhaps less known, however, is among the highly ranked elementary, middle and high schools are four preschools that stand out in the local area as some of the best.

According to Annette Sallman, director of community education and community relations for the schools, there are a lot of reasons for Stillwater’s preschools being so exceptional. One crucial thing, she says, is “preschool teachers work closely with kindergarten through fifth-grade teachers to ensure what they’re teaching is aligned with the elementary curriculum and will serve as a strong foundation.” Teachers get to know every student and work with them personally to assure they’re being supported in every way.

The classrooms welcome students of any ability. They work to foster a sense of community for the preschool students, who are having their first taste of formal education. For kids enrolled in the full-day option (the programs also offer half-days), busing to and from school can be available. Before- and after-school options are also offered, and all of the preschool programs are 4-Star Parent Aware rated. What’s new with Stillwater preschools? Sallman says some classrooms are now using YogaCalm to keep students focused, and STEM-based lessons are being incorporated.