St. Croix Valley Magazine Launch Party

  • Michael Floodquist and Leigha Bauer
  • Laurie Schneider and Curtis Dale
  • Debbie Musser and Sara Johnson
  • Sarah and Bob Quickel
  • Kelly Walters and Stephany Wieland
  • Archer and Emily Bretzel
  • Becky Nickerson, Lacy Vreeland, Sini Ross and Darcy Gaspar
  • Heather, Izzy, Mike, Abby and Hannah Bradley
  • Christie Rosckes and Meg Brownson
  • Dave Fodroczi, Sara Johnson and Cindy Fodroczi
  • Julie Pfitzinger, Laine Bretzel and Nancy Eike
  • Meg and Tom Brownson and Gim and Kathleen Middleton
  • Jill Vosberg and Judd Sather