Some might ask: What do a Caribbean island and Hudson have in common? Thanks to restaurateur Pete Foster, the two unite at the San Pedro Cafe, a spot favored by locals for its unusual flavor combinations and a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Whether he’s busy working the line or dreaming up new cocktails, it’s clear that restaurateur Mark Hanson infuses his culinary vision into every part of Marx Fusion Bistro & Bar.

A plate of food made from the heart has the ability to make you feel loved. Pair that with a cultivated wine from a vineyard in France, Washington state, or Italy and you have a perfect evening with that someone special.

Bitter-cold winter mornings call for maple syrup and warm waffles. Or pancakes. Or French toast. Whatever your preference, restaurants throughout the St.

The sear and sizzle of a piping hot grill is synonymous with summer.