From Picked On to Published

Adam Dince’s Hopeful to Hired makes a great grad present.

When he got to the military, Stillwater native Adam Dince was a self-described hot mess. “Those movies where the overweight guy gets to boot camp, and they pick on him? That was me,” he says. He got his high school diploma because the military wasn’t accepting GEDs. But since then, Dince has earned a master’s in integrated marketing communication, and his first book came out last November.

Hopeful to Hired gives high school students the advice Dince wishes he had received before graduating: about soft skills, about networking, about building a “Google resume.”

“My first mentors I had in boot camp believed in me, then I had great professors and advisors,” Dince says of his transformation. He hopes to be that for aspiring college students when he works as a mentor with AVID this summer at Stillwater Area High School.

Adam Dince’s book, Hopeful to Hired, is available on his website, at Valley Bookseller in Stillwater and at Chapter2 Books in Hudson.