Photographer Finds Inspiration in Local Landscapes and Architecture

Stillwater’s scenery and historic architecture inspires David Parker's photography.
David Parker captures the glow of winter sunlight in his photograph of the Old Stone Bridge in Stillwater.

During his sophomore year of high school, David Parker decided to take a photography class. “I’ve been [taking photographs] ever since,” says the St. Paul native and 14-year Stillwater resident.

Parker mostly photographs bridges, buildings, the rising and setting sun, and finds his inspiration in the Stillwater area. “I love it—the history, the old buildings and the landscapes,” he says. “It’s fantastic to get out and wander around and see what’s there.”

In fact, Parker has always been a wanderer. During his high school years, he used to drive around with friends with the intention of getting lost. These days, Parker says he’s always looking to find something new to shoot and loves venturing off the beaten path.

Through his passion for photographing older buildings, Parker also developed a love for history. Some of his favorite locations include the Old Stone Bridge, which was built in 1863, the Stillwater Lift Bridge and Cascade Falls.

With an excellent school district for his two children, and endless opportunities to become inspired, Parker feels right at home in the St. Croix Valley.