Photographer Curtis Dale Captures the Beauty Around Him

Curtis Dale has been photographing the world around him for most of his life. “I became interested in photography when I was 8 or 9, when [my family created] a darkroom in my house. It was in a spare bedroom, and it was only dark at night when blankets were hung over the windows—but it was a start,” Dale says.

After earning a degree in chemistry and a job in product development for 3M, photography became a hobby amidst a busy lifestyle—but Dale never let it fall by the wayside. In fact, he continued to keep his skills current and was one of those early photographers who converted from film to digital. Dale ultimately left corporate work and today works as a photographer and teacher.

Staying up to date on technology has given Dale all the best tools he needs to create his art—and it’s something he expects of his students. “They need to know where their camera manual is and what’s in it. It sounds silly, but it’s true,” he says. Once aspiring photographers master their tools, he says, they only have to look to the world for subject matter.

Dale finds no shortage of photographic opportunities in the St. Croix Valley. “Inspiration is everywhere,” he says. “I like capturing beauty and interest whenever I find it.”

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