Personalized, Complete Care at Carlson Dental Group (Sponsored)

Dr. Sarah Carlson and Dr. Michael Rohlf of Carlson Dental Group
Dr. Sarah Carlson takes over her hometown practice, continuing a tradition of comprehensive care.

When Dr. Sarah Carlson purchased a dental office in Stillwater from Dr. Ned Windmiller in 2018, she fulfilled a dream. Raised in Bayport and a graduate of Stillwater Area High School, Dr. Carlson couldn’t be more grateful to care for her neighbors, family and friends.

Dr. Windmiller operated the dental office for 40 years before Dr. Carlson took the reins. Now leading her own practice, she’s excited to continue doing what she’s done throughout her 15-year career: providing careful, complete dental care to her patients.

Two years in, Carlson Dental Group is already expanding. Dr. Michael Rohlf, an award-winning Midwestern dentist, joined the practice this summer. Dr. Rohlf and Dr. Carlson are aligned in their goal of keeping their patients’ teeth healthy and functioning well, in addition to looking great.

“We take the time to talk with the people who come to see us to learn how they would like to be helped and then share options with them that may not have been offered elsewhere,” Dr. Carlson says.

Carlson Dental Group offers comprehensive cosmetic and functional care. The office uses modern imaging and digital planning tools so patients can envision the end result of their care before they even begin the work.

“We take function and mechanics into consideration prior to cosmetic procedures,” says Dr. Carlson, “which helps patients conserve as much healthy tooth material as possible and increases the longevity of the dental work.”

A full range of services is on offer at Carlson Dental Group, including whitening, Invisalign, dental implant tooth replacement, crowns, veneers, bonding, smile design and more. The clinic is dedicated to providing careful, complete dentistry for all in a comfortable setting.

“We are a friendly, conscientious group of dental practitioners who provide all aspects of dental care in an extra COVID-safe manner,” Dr. Carlson says. “We’re always happy to meet new people.”

Carlson Dental Group
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