Living History

Take a trip back in time at the LeDuc Historic Estate’s Civil War Weekend.

The LeDuc Historic Estate, a Gothic Revival mansion built in the 1860s by Brig. Gen. William G. LeDuc (an Ohio native who moved to the Minnesota Territory in 1850 to open St. Paul’s first bookstore), is a living museum, offering tours, whiskey tastings, four-course high teas and classes throughout the year to give visitors a taste of what everyday life was like in Hastings in the mid-19th century.

During the annual Civil War Weekend, the estate’s grounds are transformed into a military encampment, with weapons drills, cooking demonstrations and lectures delivered by costumed re-enactors. This year, the event commemorates the 150th anniversary of the war’s end and the general’s return home, with a focus on celebrating the reunification of the nation.

“In 1866, the war is over; veterans are coming home,” says site manager Amy Deaver. “This year has more of a party atmosphere.”

Civil War Weekend
September 10–11
Free. 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
LeDuc Historic Estate