Keep Kids Learning While School’s Out with These Tips from LearningRx

Gloria Meyer, who opened LearningRx in Hudson earlier this year, knows how hard it can be to keep kids mentally active during summer vacation. To combat the “summer slide,” Meyer suggests finding fun ways to exercise cognitive skills like attention and memory.

Brain games: For young learners, matching games based on colors and shapes are best. For older children, jigsaw puzzles and games like 20 Questions test logic and reasoning skills.

Poetry: Help your child with rhyming words to create a poem or song. This activity builds language and memory.

Feedback: Encourage your child with high-fives and “Good tries!” when they complete a task. Offering positive feedback bolsters self-esteem and builds determination in your child to keep trying.

The key to keeping kids engaged is human interaction, Meyer adds.

LearningRx offers cognitive skills training for youth and adults with learning challenges, such as dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and autism.