Just for Me Spa’s Himalayan Salt Cave Offers Many Benefits

Mineral Cavern: Discover the holistic healing properties of breathing in aerated salt.

Just for Me Spa in Stillwater opened its new Himalayan salt cave in January. But what is a Himalayan salt cave? “It’s called halotherapy: 84 minerals (the salt) are dispersed through two halogenerators into our cave,” owner Heidi Rosebud says. “You are seated in a zero-gravity chair. You have the choice to have a Sherpa blanket. And you’re just breathing in all the negative ions that come from the Himalayan salt.”

The health benefits from the Himalayan Salt Cave are potentially endless, she says. “It gives a great clearing for the respiratory system,” Rosebud says. “It’s excellent for COPD, allergies, asthma, psoriasis, eczema.” Along with those, it also helps with stress, fatigue, colds, snoring, ear infections and more. The effects of the salt cave don’t stop once you leave, either. “Just how you feel afterwards is amazing, and benefits throughout the day continue,” Rosebud says. “It’s very clearing, and it’s very therapeutic.”

Your first visit is $19 and after that, sessions are priced at $35. Just for Me offers a five-session punch-card for $125 and a 10-session punch card for $220. You are also welcome to schedule a group session for $150.