Joni Jurek’s Drawings and Paintings are Inspired by the St. Croix Valley and Beyond

Artist Joni Jurek’s work reflects her surroundings.
“Making Memories,” an oil painting by Joni Jurek.

From the stunning landscape to the breathtaking sunset on the river, the St. Croix Valley is a marvelous sight—particularly seen through the eyes of local artist Joni Jurek.

A visual artist since childhood, Jurek started her creative journey with representational drawing and painting. “It was just something I have always been interested in, starting at a very young age,” Jurek says.

Her award-winning art has been shown across the country, with some of her most celebrated work depicting abstract views of the St. Croix Valley. “[This area] is such a prime source of visual inspiration,” Jurek says. “The changing seasons create a lot of variety.”

Jurek has found inspiration both at home and away. In addition to traveling throughout the country, she has toured parts of western Europe, always with a sketchbook in hand.

Some of Jurek’s most recent work was displayed this summer at the Red Wing Plein Air Art Festival.