August 2016 St. Croix Valley Magazine

In the annual Prep Elite issue get to know some of St. Croix Valley's most outstanding high school students.

Growing up in the Russian Orthodox Church, Stillwater’s Debra Korluka was drawn to the beauty of icons from an early age. “I was raised with these images,” she says. “Icons have always been a part of my life.”


The Lake Elmo Inn sits at an inconspicuous intersection of town, next to the railroad tracks that brought visitors by the boxcar-load to its doors decades ago. The trains still pass by occasionally, but the customers now arrive in the comfort of their own vehicles.


Stillwater Sunrise Rotary hosted its 10th annual Brewers Bazaar May 21, on board the Avalon riverboat in downtown Stillwater.


Whether you've always dreamed of owning a vintage boat or you just want to enjoy an afternoon of good food and family fun on the banks of the St.


While team sports like football, hockey and basketball might receive the most public attention and media coverage, so-called “individual” sports offer their own set of challenges. Still, the term is something of a misnomer.


It’s a sad fact: Women’s participation in outdoor activities drops significantly throughout their middle years.


As St. Croix Preparatory Academy graduate Maddie Wilkinson began working on her college applications last year, she knew the personal essay was an important part of the process. But she says many people, including herself at first, often underestimate how much weight the essay truly carries.


For Leslie Stelling, becoming a member of the Hudson Area Moms Group has offered the chance to learn more about Hudson and connect with a welcoming community of mothers. “It’s brought me friendship and support, especially being new to the area,” she says.


Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart. Luckily, there’s help.


Do you know where this photo was taken? The answer will be revealed in a future issue; winners will get a mention in upcoming issues.


According to Michael Smith, director at Huntington Learning Center in Stillwater, the best way to get kids ready for the challenges of a new school year is to dedicate a little time each day to refreshing their skills in math, reading a


After celebrating the photography of David Parker in our December issue, word came to us that another local artist is utilizing his charming portrait of the iconic Stonebridge school in a book, The Magic that was Stonebridge, by longtime local elementary teacher and retired administrator, Bernie


Fresh off a month-long artist residency in Salzburg, Austria, Marine on St.


Due to pop-culture portrayals or personal experiences, many people imagine a nun-run Catholic school as a strict, humorless institution where even minor infractions are met with a swift rap on the knuckles with a ruler.