A Hudson Chiropractor Explains the Ins and Outs of Treating Newborns

It’s natural for parents to be nervous about taking their baby to receive chiropractic care for the first time. Chiropractor Jennifer Krohn-Shupe of Croixview Family Chiropractic in Hudson sees patients for pre and postnatal, and infant, adjustment. She talks about the benefits.

Why should someone seek chiropractic care during pregnancy?

“A lot of people may come in because of pain, but it’s about more than pain,” Krohn-Shupe says. “It’s about balancing that nervous system so that the body can function.”

What are the benefits of adjusting newborns?

“Many infants have misalignments, because it’s such a process being put on the little one’s head and neck when they come through that birth canal,” says Krohn-Shupe, who adjusted all three of her own children shortly after their birth. The adjustments relieve stress, helping babies to latch easier for nursing, sleep better and help with bowel movements, according to Krohn-Shupe. She adds that an early adjustment can catch issues that might show up later
as well.