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Jocelyn Young, owner of St. Croix Skincare, voted the St. Croix Valley's Best MedSpa, smiles for a photo.

St. Croix Skincare, voted Best MedSpa in the St. Croix Valley, offers a bevy of skin-related services. Clients can enjoy a relaxing spa experience, but can also address skin concerns with procedures usually found at a doctor’s office.

It’s all in the name. St. Croix Valley’s annual “Take Me to the River” art tour will be in full swing September 12–28. The collection of festivals across the area celebrates creativity, tradition and a whole lot of outdoor fun.

The town of Afton prides itself on a rich tradition of community, art and fun, and the annual Art in the Park festival epitomizes that tradition.

With the need to follow the most up-to-date trends and styles, many fashionistas revert to the timeless motto “Shop ’til you drop.”

It was a party atmosphere at the launch of St. Croix Valley Magazine on May 6 at The Loft at Studio J in Stillwater.

Once known primarily for the Ironman World Championships, triathlon races are now held throughout the country, attracting veteran and new triathletes alike—and kids can join in on the fun, too.

For thousands of years, the St. Croix River has been home to water-loving people. The tradition of canoeing on the river, started by the Dakota and Ojibwe tribes long ago, continues today with throngs of adventurers setting forth from William O’Brien State Park.

Learning how to kick a ball through the grass is a popular childhood pastime. For many youth in our community, the backyard ball game grows into an interest to play soccer.

Nobody ever needs an excuse to get outside—gorgeous views valley-wide, fresh air and beautiful sights are reason enough. But for a small community of adventurers, a casual stroll can mean a real treasure hunt.

The St. Croix Valley is home to some pretty impressive women—but one weekend in Somerset, Wis., determines who bears the title of Iron Cowgirl.

Launched in 1954 as a fundraiser for North Hudson Elementary School, the annual Pepper Festival has turned into a wildly successful event, complete with its own park.