A Guide to Getting a Massage in the St. Croix Valley

Our guide to the best spots to unwind with a rejuvenating massage.

After hard workouts and stressful holiday prep, join Angela Rucinski at Stillwater’s BodyOnyx for a sports therapy or heated stone massage.

The holiday season is busy, exciting and—let’s face it—downright stressful. Taking an afternoon off to recharge and relax can be a game-changer, so we’ve rounded up the best spots in the Valley to get a great massage.

Brick Alley Studio
Service: Though Brick Alley offers a variety of massage options. “Our most popular is deep-tissue fusion massage,” says owner Orlando Castro, a certified massage therapist who also trained as a physical therapist. This technique involves applying deep pressure to massage the deepest layers of muscle tissues and is often beneficial for those looking to relieve chronic pain or correct poor posture. The service includes aromatic essential oils, candles, water and tea, making it a truly immersive experience for your senses.

Price: $50/30 minutes, $75/60 minutes, $105/90 minutes

Calla Lily Day Spa
Service: Take full-body relaxation to the next level with a four-handed therapy massage. This service features two massage therapists working in tandem, each focusing on different muscle groups at the same time for double the worry-melting benefits. “One therapist works the back of your legs while the other works your back,” Calla Lily’s Michelle Hovde says. “It’s pretty unique.”

Price: $110/ 60 minutes, $160/90 minutes

Service: BodyOnyx is known for its sports therapy and related massage services, but it also offers one of the most indulgent hot stone therapies in the Valley. With this treatment, which can be added to any massage for an additional $15, heated volcanic basalt stones are placed on tight muscles; the warmth helps release tension and improve circulation, as the massage therapist uses the smooth stones as an extension of their hands, promoting deep relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

Price: $40–$60/30 minutes, $80–$100/ 60 minutes, $110–$130/90 minutes

Time to Relax
Service: The goal of myofascial release is to improve mobility and flexibility, relaxing contracted muscles to allow optimal operation of the body and its systems. The massage therapist focuses on the fascia, the connective tissue that covers, supports and connects our muscles and internal organs. For those seeking a massage that is not only relaxing but could alleviate inflammation and joint pain, this type of massage is a must-try.

Price: $70/60 minutes, $95/90 minutes; monthly membership packages and discounted rates for seniors, students and military personnel are available

Hudson Massage
Service: You can’t go wrong with a classic Swedish massage, a popular option that is ideal for calming and relaxing mind and body. This technique uses long, fluid strokes that glide over the body, paired with gentle kneading to release muscle knots and tension.

Price: $50/30 minutes, $70/60 minutes, $100/90 minutes