Friends of Fall Fashion

Checking in with La Rue Marche boutique on fall fashion trends and private parties.
La Rue Marche boutique private parties feature fashion finds as well as delicious treats from Hudson shops including Urban Olive & Vine and Knoke’s Chocolate Inc.

With the need to follow the most up-to-date trends and styles, many fashionistas revert to the timeless motto “Shop ’til you drop.”

Luckily, La Rue Marche boutique in Hudson makes this experience fun and easy for local fashion enthusiasts. The French-influenced clothing store welcomes organizations and other groups to host closed-door shopping experiences.

This offer includes shopping privacy exclusive to the organization’s invited guests, refreshments for shoppers and the opportunity to (you guessed it) shop ’til they drop.

“Fifteen percent of the purchases from the event go back to the organization,” says Val Aune, owner of La Rue Marche and local fashion collector. “It’s a great way for them to do fundraising while allowing us to introduce ourselves to potential future customers.”

During this year’s fall fashion season, Aune says shoppers should expect to see a lot of short boot styles and clothing in jade hues.

To schedule an event, or for more information about La Rue Marche boutique, visit the website here.