But First, Coffee

St. Croix Coffee & Tea Co. owners share why they love the business.

Many people can use a little help waking up in the morning or getting through the workday, which often leads to coffee. St. Croix Coffee & Tea Co. makes it easy to get your caffeine fix right in the office, by distributing coffee and providing equipment to more than 200 clients in Minnesota.

With 15 to 20 different blends of coffee, available for a variety of budgets, St. Croix Coffee & Tea Co. owners Scott Hartwick and Tim Clemons have found joy in selling a product that people really appreciate. “Some of these people drink coffee every day, and we want to sell a great product to people who love it as much as we do,” Hartwick says.

Although their office is based in St. Paul, Hartwick and Clemons felt that the image the St. Croix Valley calls to mind suits their outdoor-loving personalities and fits the values of the company. St. Croix Coffee & Tea Co. also serves the Valley, with Midwest Lumber and refurbished antique store Reincarnations two of its clients in Stillwater.

St. Croix Coffee & Tea Co. has a partnership with independent contractor Jason Hanson, who repairs coffee and espresso machine equipment. Owner Scott Hartwick’s wife Michelle also works at the company as the office manager.