Finding Cache

Geocaching is easy in the St. Croix Valley.

Nobody ever needs an excuse to get outside—gorgeous views valley-wide, fresh air and beautiful sights are reason enough. But for a small community of adventurers, a casual stroll can mean a real treasure hunt. Much like the wizards of Harry Potter, these select few crave adventure—oh, and they call people who don’t know what they’re doing “Muggles.”

Geocaching, the art of finding “caches” (usually small waterproof containers containing a logbook of visitors) using GPS devices, is an underground tourist feature of the St. Croix Valley. Hudson, in particular, has quite a few brand-new caches. To play, just head to and register, or download the app on your smartphone and head out. Before you get your adventuring caps on, remember to BYOP (bring your own pen) so you can write your name in the logbook.