Editor’s Pick: Modern Marvel

A Stillwater High School grad launches a line of high-quality designer socks.

When Stillwater native Laurie Wright teamed up with business partner Chad Nakano to launch Modern Envy Apparel in May 2015, their goal was to create a line of fashionable, high-performance socks that would appeal to children, athletes and trendsetters alike.

The socks—available at events and online—come in an array of colors and feature a distinctive Japanese hemp pattern that represents good fortune. Each pair is made of combed cotton, which has extra-long fibers that make for a softer, more breathable sock. The socks also have extra padding in the bottom, providing “extra cushion and arch support,” Wright says, and some stretch to keep them snugly in place.

“More important to us than just putting the sock on the shelf is building relationships with the people who support us,” Wright says. This summer, for the second year, Modern Envy Apparel brings the product to the masses, with a presence at the Minnesota State Fair.

Modern Envy Apparel recently released two new color combos for the Minnesota sports fan: purple and gold, and maroon and gold.