Dining Out

Marty and Chelsea Dyck of Stillwater had a blast marking off all 25 Ice Cream Bingo spots with their children, Gus and Mav. Ice Cream Bingo was originally published in the June/July 2021 Best of St. Croix Valley issue of St.

During the day, Tin Bins in Stillwater might seem like your typical locally owned coffee shop.

Many in the St. Croix Valley are asking themselves this month, “How do you return the unconditional love only a mother can give?” In May, the month of mothers, you could agonize over which sentimental gift shows her how much you care, or you could give her the greatest gift of all—your time.

Whether you are planning an intimate summer date or a casual night out with friends, nothing quite compares to enjoying a cocktail and alfresco appetizers with unparalleled views of the lush St. Croix River Valley.

In a world that’s transfixed by “the new” and “what’s trending,” there also seems to be a renewed interest in the nostalgic traditions that somehow withstand an ever-evolving popular culture.

A natural divide separating the borders of two neighboring states, the St. Croix River has provided Minnesotans and Wisconsinites with commerce, transportation and sustenance since the first American Indians settled on its shores.