Blonde Bombshell: Lift Bridge's Summer Sipper Is a Delicious Mango Blonde Ale

Lift Bridge Brewery’s summer sipper has been well-received, but if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s not (quite) too late!

Time’s running out on the seasonal tap from Lift Bridge that’s created a summery stir this past season. Mango Blonde Ale, a refreshingly crisp 4.6 ABV that’s wetted the taps at the Stillwater brewery all summer, ends its limited run next month.

The drink is made with an infusion of mango puree that gives it a sharp, tangy flavor that can’t be missed, but mingles well with the light wheat flavors of a traditional pale ale.

“As Midwesterners, we spend quite a bit of time in chilly temperatures,” says Brad Glynn, co-founder and COO of Lift Bridge. “The beer’s sweeter profile grants us a brief escape from winter weather, and we are elated to bring it to consumers in more convenient packaging.” It’s one of the first Lift Bridge brews available in the four-pack of cans.

Mango Blonde Ale is available on tap at Lift Bridge and at a variety of local liquor stores in cans through September. $7.99/four-pack