Arts & Culture

Dana Millington of the Madison Claire Foundation, with Thomas Kearney and Christie Hogan of New Heights School.

New Inclusive Playground Coming to New Heights School. New Heights School looks to add an inclusive playground to the school grounds.

Book Cover for Remarkably Bright Creatures.

Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt Book Review. A surprising friendship between a widow and an octopus.

Scenic view of the St. Croix River

From professionals to hobbyists, photographers are encouraged to enter our annual contest.

St. Croix Valley Magazine has the pleasure of working with several area community members, who serve on our magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board.

Sarah Lilja: Springtime Kayaking

Sarah Lilja took this photo on the St. Croix River near Franconia, where the rock formations are called the Franconia Dalles.

Nancy Eike

After nearly 20 years in the publishing industry, Nancy Eike was ready for a change of pace. Interestingly enough, this new chapter of her life is one she already had bookmarked.

Totes My Goats

Goats. You’ve seen them at the zoo; you’ve seen them in the mountains out West; and you might even eat goat cheese derived from goat’s milk.

Spring is here and with it comes spring cleaning and reorganizing of our homes, but how often are we going through our closets and giving them a little refresh?

Under the Bridge

Stillwater resident Maribeth Lundeen says she frequently goes on meditative walks on the trails near the Arcola High Bridge. “The woods are beautiful with a diverse mix of trees,” she says, noting that the forest is different in every season.