Artist Jane Dierberger Finds Inspiration Everywhere

Stillwater artist Jane Dierberger is a force of nature. This quote by author Jerome K. Jerome parallels her role as an artist, she says: “There is no more thrilling sensation I know of than sailing. It comes as near to flying as man has got to yet—except in dreams...You are no longer the slow, plodding, puny thing of clay, creeping tortuously upon the ground; you are a part of Nature!”

As a visual artist, Dierberger has found expression through oil and acrylic. Born in New York, she has lived in Stillwater for 22 years. Dierberger’s love of literature has fueled her love of painting, “I have been so inspired by reading, I have been moved to paint,” she says, mentioning the Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow which led to a painting series.

Dierberger’s artistic skills are a result of classes, workshops, and independent study. She takes observation seriously. Like one of her favorite authors, Henry David Thoreau, Dierberger believes in the power of nature: “Nature represents timelessness; truth; absolute beauty; peace and harmony,” she says.

See Jane Dierberger’s work at Stillwater Art Guild Gallery or online here.