Art Juchno’s Award-winning Images

A Q&A with Focus on St. Croix winner Art Juchno.

The past two summers, St. Croix Valley Magazine has hosted a photo contest recognizing images that celebrate Valley life. This year’s winner is Art Juchno of Hudson, who submitted a large selection of pirate images.

How long have you been taking photos?
I’ve been working in photography since 1974. I was a producer/director/videographer at Wisconsin Public Television, and for the UW-Stout campus after that. Since my retirement in 2009, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time photographing nature and events.

Who are the pirates?
They are Richard and Sharon Bates Young, a couple who dress in several costumes and entertain at many charity events around our area. I met them at the Hot Air Affair in Hudson several years ago, and we keep seeing each other at parades and occasionally a charity event. Richard actually encouraged me to enter the contest.

When did you take these photos?

I took these photos this summer when the Niña and Pinta were docked at Hudson pier. Richard made arrangements with the ship owners to photograph them in costume on board. What is your favorite thing about Hudson? I love the scenery in our area. I also have been amazed at the number of artistically talented people who live in the St. Croix Valley area.