Photographer Finds Inspiration in Local Landscapes and Architecture

During his sophomore year of high school, David Parker decided to take a photography class. “I’ve been [taking photographs] ever since,” says the St. Paul native and 14-year Stillwater resident.

Parker mostly photographs bridges, buildings, the rising and setting sun, and finds his inspiration in the Stillwater area. “I love it—the history, the old buildings and the landscapes,” he says. “It’s fantastic to get out and wander around and see what’s there.”

Picture Perfect

You’ve finally convinced everyone to take a family photo: your busy husband, camera-shy son, and can’t-sit-still-for-a-minute daughter. Or you have a family reunion coming up and want to be sure to capture that multi-generational photo opportunity—either by hiring a professional photographer for their artistry and expertise; or by grabbing your own camera. Quick: What to wear? Where and what time of day to take the photograph? How to pose? Lisa Buth and Jeff Dunn, two St.

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