A Summer Day

It takes community to put on this special summer children’s event.

“It takes a village” is a phrase that comes to mind with the efforts of many members of the community coming together to put on a great day for kids. The third annual A Summer Day will be happening July 22, an event put on by Friends of a Summer Day (FSD) in cooperation with Solid Ground. Many members know each other through the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Hudson Flotilla.

The day is filled with water safety instruction, as well as fun water activities for 20 underprivileged children in the community. Albert Planten Vanafton, one of the creators of the event, says the goal is to “make it one happy day, make it a nice, relaxed summer day where there is important safety training going on, but we’re paying attention to having happy children and engaging in learning opportunities whenever possible.”

Learning opportunities include the importance of personal flotation devices while on watercraft. “On-land stuff is a little bit more predictable than on the water,” Vanafton says. There is also the awareness of hypothermia, he says.

Event organizers extend special thanks to West Marina Stillwater, Women Anglers of Minnesota, Lake Elmo Rotary, Beanies at Maui’s Landing Sunnyside Marina, and Jordan’s Meats and Deli.