May 2017 St. Croix Valley Magazine

In the May issue we're sharing the ultimate kyaker's guide to the St Croix.

In Stillwater, Phil’s classic taste endures.
The annual ArtOPENer Pottery Tour is an excellent opportunity to see local art offerings.
Routes, resources and recommendations for kayakers of all levels: a kayaker’s guide to the St. Croix.
Gabe Schubert explains the thrill of fly-fishing for aggressive, unpredictable muskies—a truly challenging trend in the world of fishing.
Valley Bookseller’s Kathleen Eddy recommends three books for looking past that tempting summer haze and out into the world.
How one local farmer is nurturing a growing vegetable business.
This month’s pick is all about treating yourself and finding inner harmony.
A Stillwater business that focuses on collections and keepsakes.