Compass Center for Healing in Stillwater Offers Alternative Treatments for PTSD

Aimee Van Ostrand’s impetus for opening her Stillwater acupuncture location was her relationship with the nonprofit Compass Center for Healing in Stillwater, which works with local veterans, offering donation-only services to active and retired military personnel. Compass Center offers a wide variety of alternative, traditional and holistic services provided by independent healing practitioners, and thanks to her, veterans have access to community acupuncture.

“I had met the director, Marilyn Calver, who was looking for someone to do community acupuncture, and we really connected and started to work together,” Van Ostrand says. Trauma takes a heavy toll on the body and the brain. “Our aim is to establish a supportive community here and be a resource for veterans and their families,” says Calver, who works with veterans on movement, breath work, guided relaxation, meditation and self-care through yoga. Coupled with these classes, the goal is to develop a comprehensive alternative health care program and improve access to services for ailments like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“When you have somebody with post-traumatic stress, it’s really important that they can come here with their primary caregiver, or their spouse or friend—a support person,” Van Ostrand says. “Having [acupuncture] in a group setting is more comfortable. Studies have shown community acupuncture decreases the risk of [anxiety, and] we also treat their caregiver, knowing that to take care of someone who has severe emotional issues is also stressful.”

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